Surrey Set
The Home Counties, around London, have always been the spiritual home of croquet. John IV, John V and John VI and now JJ VII all made their homes in Surrey at one time or another. This Surrey set has a lovely natural pinewood box made from sustainable timber, containing full size English ash mallets handmade by Jaques and fitted with our famous Corrigrip handles.

These provide a long lasting, practical grip giving a similar performance to the leather grips fitted to many competition mallets. The Surrey Croquet set has full size double scored balls with an excellent rebound factor for family play and fired enamel heavyweight steel hoops robust enough to allow effective wired shots.

The lovely hand painted four colour winning post with its gold top peg clip holder reminds everyone of the order of play, and the weather resistant 4 colour corner flags define the court boundaries. Also included are a set of spring hoop clips to indicate each players advance around the court, and ball marker pegs to record a ball's position. Finally Jaques Basic Laws of Croquet includes the rules of Association, Golf and Short croquet and much handy tactical advice on the game. The Surrey Croquet set, a comprehensive and high quality set with all you need to play the wonderful game of croquet.
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