Woodstock Set
The Woodstock includes all the components needed for the longer full Association game, or the shorter golf croquet version. The set has four Woodstock mallets made of English sports ash, with octagonal ash handles developed by John Jaques III in the mid 19th Century, which help a player ‘feel’ the alignment of the mallet in play. We have always used prime English sports ash for this model of mallet, which is generally straight grained like a top quality willow cricket bat, and imparts efficient and accurate ‘driving power’ and ‘touch’ in play.

The Challenge balls in the standard croquet colours have been developed and improved over the years and are now our most popular model. They are fitted with scored grooves in both directions, which give useful grip when playing roll shots or stop shots. The enamelled, wrought iron Challenge hoops will give excellent service, and we provide a wooden mallet to help in setting up the hoops on the lawn, but watering of each hoop site is recommended first. The beautiful four colour hardwood winning post has each colour band separated by gold lining, the colour sequence indicating the order of play. Sprung hoop clips show a player’s progress in the game, and ball marking pegs are also included.

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